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- Oscar Wilde

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament."

 -Charles O'Flynn & Jack Meskill



Anniversary of Marguerite Joseph's Facebook Story

Marguerite Joseph's Birthday! Born 1908

EASTER SUNDAY! Mass will be said for Marguerite at St. Joan of Arc Church in St. Clair Shores, MI at 10:00 am.

Marguerite began painting as a child and continued to paint and create various works of art throughout her life well into her 90's when she developed macular degeneration and became legally blind. Even in her final days, at the age 105 she would doodle on her sketch pad.

While Marguerite's daily view of Lake St. Clair gave her plenty of inspiration to paint so many 

beautiful landscapes, her beautiful flower and rose gardenoffered her imagination plenty of opportunity to express her visions on the canvas.

A devout wife and mother and a teacher early in life, Marguerite held a deep faith in God close. Marguerite enjoyed painting children and many significant religious figures while she paint-ed still life to tone her skills.

As any true artist, Marguerite used just about anything to create art. Her creativeness pushed her to experiment with all mediums and afforded her to be ahead of her time. She could turn anything into a piece of art!

Marguerite made national news in February of 2013 after some local media discovered she could not list her true age on Facebook. The story inspired both the young and old and people from all over the world to stay active and live a good long life!

Many of Marguerite's paintings and prints are available for exhibition or purchase. Please feel free to browse her Gallery.





"Smile, darn ya, smile! You know this old world is a great world after all!"

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